The Divine Lover-incomplete

I see you leaning onto the ‘paala’ at the end of the lawn

Lost amid the evergreen woods in a world of your own

On the wings of darkness, weaving in and out of the moon light,  i alight

For I sense you seek someone to share the delight of the night!

If only you wake up from your reverie and come to your senses

Will you find you’re not alone and feel the divine lover’s presence

Sifting through the meandering thoughts to reach your tender soul

And savour the nectar of love which inspires my divinity as a whole

The silent beating of your heart is the rhythm of my song

And to feel the warmth of your breath on my soul ,I long

The song which enchanted you and which elevated you in rapture

Is the symphony of pure souls like you, whose dreams I capture

Pour out your heart,your dreams and your love to the divine lover

And come with me to the sacred shrine among the stars,the ‘bower’.

Much that I wish the wheels of time for this once would stand still,we have to go our separate ways in the morn mourning the death of our young love that wilted as a bud.You will wake fresh in the morning with nothing but a faded memory of this  ‘Divine Lover and his ‘Bower’.But the warmth I poured into your heart and the fragrance I left in your soul will remain… forever fresh.


Every body says what i should be
What they all want me to be
But who will tell me who i am?
Who am i? i want to know

The distance between’what i am’
And what ‘i myself think i am’
Is the distance between me
And he who said” i am what iam”

Slowly weared off curiousness
And in that place came weariness
The unceasant walk had worn me out
And the distance only magnified

The more i walked the more i strayed
Away from truths that lay buried
Until atlast i understood
That never will i understand

And in that moment of despair i heard
A chant of long forgotten word
The ancient word of mystery
That dawns upon the enlightened
‘Thou art that’

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Why does God allow these twists in the tale?
In the life of a person so frail.
He gave me the pain and asked not to fail.
This’s the journey of life and i must sail.

Pain is always painful,but the pain caused by those
Who love you most is the most painful.
And the pain i suffer, my dear,
To cause you the pain is still more painful.

Sometimes to do something noble,
We have to become steady
And give up the thing we want the most
For, ‘of great powers comes great responsibility’.

There are twists in all the tales
And mine is not different
Though this is not the first one,
This certainly is the most painful one.

Because here i give up something,
‘The thing i want the most’.
I give up you, my dear,
To the will of the Lord.

To know who you are is a gift
To be what you are is another
So if you love me the way, you say
Leave me you may to live my own way

Dedication:To all those who are in the difficult position of taking a decision.


rambler: -noun

1. a person whose writing or speech is not well organised.

2. a type of climbing rose having numerous red,pink or white flowers.

3. a person who takes long walks in the country for pleasure.

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